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            Our company was awarded the titles of "Changzhou Three Star Enterprise" and "Changzhou Tianning District Four Star Enterprise" in 2022
            The publisherczszjs    Release time2023-03-24    Hit1525

             At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. On January 28th, the first working day of the Year of the Rabbit, Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held the "First Session" of the New Year - the New Energy Capital Construction Promotion Conference of the whole city. They comprehensively studied and implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, conscientiously implemented the spirit of the Economic Work Conference of the Central and Provincial Party Committees and the Plenary Sessions of the Provincial and Municipal Party Committees, and comprehensively deployed to build a new energy capital that leads the Yangtze River Delta, radiates across the country, and has global influence, revitalizing the industrial momentum, and creating new urban brilliance. Chen Jinhu, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. All leaders of the four sets of municipal leadership groups attended the meeting. Our Chairman Ai Wei was invited to attend.

            This conference commended a group of enterprises, units, individuals who have won national and provincial honors and made important contributions, as well as the "star enterprises" of 2022. Changzhou Municipal Group was awarded the honorary title of "2022 Changzhou Three Star Enterprise" by Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and Chairman Ivy was awarded the honorary title of "2022 Star Entrepreneur".
            On January 29, Tianning District held the "First Meeting" of the New Year - Tianning District Business Environment Optimization and Improvement and Industrial Development Conference, and our Chairman Ai Wei was invited to participate. At the meeting, Changzhou Municipal Group was awarded the title of "2022 Four Star Enterprise in Tianning District, Changzhou City".
            On February 3, a delegation led by He Haiping, Chairman of Changzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Zha Yan, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Changzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited our company for inspection and guidance, learned about the implementation of our "quality improvement, efficiency enhancement, innovation, and star competition" activities, and distributed the first "Changzhou Entrepreneur Day" commemorative "First Day Cover" and "Frequent Business Service Card" to Chairman Ai Wei.
            Chairman Ai Wei of our company reported the relevant situation of the group company to all leaders. Currently, our business scope has covered the engineering construction fields of roads, bridges, tunnels, sewage treatment, squares, landscaping, etc. The group company adheres to the concept of "survival by quality, development by reputation", and the idea of "not greedy for greatness, but for strength; not greedy for integrity, but for specialization; not greedy for speed, but for stability". It focuses on internal management, expands the market, and makes the enterprise better and stronger, contributing to the economic and social development of Changzhou.

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