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            The general contracting construction project of the group company won the highest quality evaluation of Chinese municipal engineering
            The publisherczszjs    Release time2023-03-24    Hit1569

             In September 2021, the China Municipal Engineering Association issued a notice on the evaluation of the highest quality level of municipal engineering, evaluating outstanding municipal engineering projects and promoting the high-quality development of municipal engineering. In October 2022, the China Municipal Engineering Association organized the evaluation of projects from 2021 to 2022, and 21 provincial associations and 3 professional committees recommended 209 projects, which were initially reviewed, reviewed, reviewed, publicized, and approved, A total of 114 projects in the country have passed the evaluation, and these projects represent the advanced domestic level of the municipal engineering industry during the same period. The Jiangbian Sewage Treatment Plant Phase IV Plant Project and Xinggang Bridge Project (Yinghua Road - K1+393), which are generally contracted by the group company, have passed the highest quality evaluation of municipal engineering.

            On December 27, 2022, the 2022 China Municipal Engineering Highest Quality Evaluation Award Ceremony was solemnly held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. Tao Bingxing, Deputy General Manager of the Group Company, and Li Jianzhong, Deputy Chief Engineer, attended the award ceremony.
            This evaluation of the highest level of municipal quality in China has successfully passed the acceptance, and this honor cannot be separated from the high attention of the leadership of the group company and the guidance of relevant management departments. This is also another national award obtained by the group company after the National Quality Engineering Award and the National Municipal Golden Cup Award, which will become an indispensable milestone in the company's development path and take a solid step towards improving the overall construction quality level of the group company.

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