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            The construction project undertaken by the group company has passed the review of the Jiangsu Province "Yangtze Cup" High Quality Engineering Award
            The publisher£ºczszjs    Release time£º2023-05-31    Hit£º1597

             From March 29th to 30th, the Phase IV project of Changzhou Jiangbian Sewage Treatment Plant and the Xinggang Bridge project of Changzhou Xinggang Avenue (Yinghua Road Benniujie), which our company undertook, officially welcomed the review and acceptance of the 2022 Jiangsu Province "Yangtze Cup" High Quality Engineering Award.

            The review expert group is led by Zhang Hongxia, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Municipal Engineering Association, Wu Yingen, Deputy Director of Wuxi Municipal Engineering Quality Supervision and Management Center, as the team leader, Yuan Meiyun, Deputy General Manager of Nantong Gangzha Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd., Shen Jiping, Deputy Chief Engineer of Suzhou Municipal Construction Management Office, and Wang Jianjun, General Manager of Lianyungang Ganyu Municipal Architecture and Garden Co., Ltd. Wang Mingjun, Director of Changzhou Municipal Engineering Management Center, Yu Weijun, Section Chief, Zhao Xisheng, Honorary Chairman of Changzhou Municipal Group, Cao Weisong, General Manager, Li Zhongjun, Deputy General Manager, and Li Jianzhong, Deputy Chief Engineer. Relevant personnel from design units, supervision units, survey units, company chief engineer offices, engineering management centers, and project departments participated in this acceptance.
            Changzhou is the first stop of this "Yangtze Cup" inspection, and as the vanguard of this inspection, Changzhou Municipal Group has made various preparations for the inspection in advance. On the afternoon of March 29th, the first on-site review meeting was held. At the meeting, the expert group watched the imaging materials of the inspection project, listened to the application reports of provincial excellent projects and the supplementary reports of various participating units on the project construction situation, and made targeted comments on the report situation and information content, providing constructive guidance. Subsequently, the expert group carefully reviewed the internal data. The inspection team verified the original legal construction procedure documents of the project, randomly inspected the quality behavior of the responsible parties involved in the construction, consulted the technical data of the supervision and construction units, and gained a deeper understanding of various new materials, processes, and technologies used in the construction process, such as the anti-corrosion concrete technology of the fourth phase of the Jiangbian Sewage Treatment Plant, and the construction method of lifting narrow and small section square steel column concrete; The self compacting concrete technology and sliding top pushing installation method for the Xinggang Bridge project.
            On the morning of March 30th, during the on-site review phase, the expert group first arrived at the site of the fourth phase of the Jiangbian Sewage Treatment Plant. They conducted on-site inspections on the engineering quality, usage, and safety performance of the artificial wetland, neighborhood center, biological reaction tank, and secondary sedimentation tank, and provided detailed evaluation and guidance on the construction status of each inspected area. Then the expert group came to the Xinggang Bridge project site, first inspected the physical quality and appearance quality of bridge piers and approach concrete box girders, deeply understood the complex working conditions of the site after on-site inspection, carried out a detailed inspection on the construction quality and construction process of steel box girders, and made a detailed evaluation on the road asphalt, bridge expansion joint, inspection wells and other parts prone to common quality problems in operation.
            At the final meeting held in the afternoon, the expert group made detailed comments based on on-site review and data inspection. In the review, the expert group fully affirmed the overall work of the fourth phase project of the Jiangbian Sewage Treatment Plant and the Xinggang Bridge project, unanimously believing that the overall quality of the project is well balanced, the quality creation process management is in place, the construction materials are complete, authentic, and effective, and the overall quality and detailed practices of the project are important

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