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            about us

            Changzhou Municipal Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., the predecessor of which was founded in 1956, is a state-owned enterprise subordinate to the municipal urban construction department. In 2004, the company carried out privatization and restructuring. In October 2021, it was renamed Changzhou Municipal Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changzhou Municipal Group"). At present, the company has eleven branches, eight functional management departments, four wholly-owned subsidiaries, and four holding companies. At present, the company has nearly 400 employees, including 126 first-level and second-level constructors, and nearly 200 people with intermediate or higher professional titles. The company's net assets are more than 300 million yuan.

            At present, the company's main qualifications include: Class I general contracting for municipal public works construction, Class II general contracting for highway engineering construction, Class II general contracting for electromechanical engineering construction, Class II professional contracting for highway traffic engineering (highway electromechanical engineering subdivisional, highway safety facilities subdivisional), Class II professional contracting for environmental protection engineering, Class II professional contracting for bridge engineering, Class III general contracting for construction engineering construction, Class III general contracting for water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction Class III professional contracting of foundation engineering. At present, the company's business scope has covered the engineering construction fields of roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewage treatment, airports, squares, landscaping, housing construction, etc. The main business volume of the company is about 1.5 billion yuan per year on average. The scope of the project has covered other cities in the province outside Changzhou, and has a certain market share in Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Shaanxi, Guangzhou and other provinces.

            On the premise of maintaining our main business, we will do a good job of differentiated competition in the construction of asphalt concrete pavement, construction of hydraulic structures and urban road maintenance works according to our own reality. The company's pavement asphalt construction has always been our strong point. In terms of construction quality, construction period and price, it has strong competitiveness in Changwu region, accounting for about 40%~45% of the market share in more than a dozen similar construction enterprises, and the annual output of the best performance has reached 780000 tons. In terms of hydraulic structures, the system has been reformed for ten years. We have successively completed a series of hydraulic structures such as Jiangbian Sewage Treatment Plant, Qishuyan Sewage Treatment Plant Phase I, Chengbei Sewage Treatment Plant, Jiangbian Sewage Treatment Plant Phase III, Suzhou No. 2 Sewage Treatment Plant, Wujiang District Water Supply No. 2 Water Treatment Plant, Suzhou Fuxing Sewage Treatment Plant, Suzhou Industrial Park Sewage Comprehensive Treatment Plant, Anhui Wuhu Sanshan Water Treatment Plant, with a total amount of about 2 billion yuan, which has established a distinctive brand for the company, Created benefits. The maintenance of the company is responsible for the repair and maintenance of more than 40 main roads in the main urban area and the maintenance of BRT bus line platforms in the city. Because of our good service attitude, timely response, and excellent repair quality and technology, we have won the praise of the owners, the praise of the citizens and the promotion of the "Changzhou Municipal" brand. Since its establishment in 2007, nearly 300 million yuan of various repair projects have been completed.

            We always adhere to the quality concept of "survival by quality and development by reputation". The acceptance rate of all projects has reached 100%, and the main projects have won various awards everywhere. The third phase project of Anhui Wuhu Sanshan Water Plant, Suzhou Industrial Park No. 2 Sewage Treatment Plant and Jiangbian Sewage Treatment Plant undertaken by the company won the title of "National Quality Project"; Jiangbian Sewage Plant Phase IV and Xinggang Bridge won the "Municipal Highest Quality Level Award"; Six projects, including Tongjiang Avenue Reconstruction Project and the Second Water Plant of Wujiang District Water Supply, won the "Golden Cup Award" for China's demonstration project; More than ten projects, including the first phase of the west extension of Feilong West Road, the deep reconstruction of Weicun Water Plant, the rapid reconstruction of Caoshang Road, Airport Road, and Tongji Bridge, have won the "Yangtze Cup" of Jiangsu Province's high-quality projects; Caishihe Road (Bridge) Project and other two projects won the "Huangshan Cup" of Anhui Province's high-quality project; The company has won a series of honors such as "2019 Changzhou Star Enterprise", "National Engineering Construction Excellent Brand Construction Enterprise", "Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Municipal Engineering Construction Enterprise", "Jiangsu Provincial May Day Labor Award" and "Changzhou Advanced Unit in Creating Civilized Unit". Since the reform, the company has paid more than 400 million yuan of business tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax and various fees to the state.

            We pay attention to the innovation and development of corporate culture. According to the actual situation of the company, we timely put forward the eight honors and eight shames that fully reflect the core values of the company, namely: taking care of the company as the honor, and taking damage to the company as the shame; Honor the system and be ashamed of ignoring it; Take the achievement of others as pride, and take it as shame to forget justice for profit; Take pride in practical work and shame on selfishness and laziness; Be proud of positive challenges and ashamed of negative evasions; Take pride in unity and common progress, and take individualism as a shame; Be proud of increasing measures and ashamed of reducing indicators; Take pride in getting results and shame on causing losses.

            The mainstream media of the company, Changzhou Municipal News (now changed to "Changzhou Municipal Group" internal journal), has been published every other month. Together with the company's website, it has been rated as the "excellent newspaper" and "excellent website" of the national construction industry by the China Construction Industry Association for many consecutive years.

            We will always adhere to the enterprise vision of "making employees happy, satisfying the owners, and reassuring the government", and follow the idea of "not greedy for big, but strong; not greedy for complete, but specialized; not greedy for fast, but stable" to grasp management internally, expand the market externally, and make the enterprise better and stronger.

            We also sincerely hope to cooperate with every customer, seek common development and create a better future! Go to the future together!

            Jiangsu province Changzhou City Blue Ocean 158 North Road| Zip code213017 | Telephone0086-0519-85501558 |Fax0086-0519-85501558 |E-mailczsz@czszjt.com

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